Homie Camper

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Wide Path Camper – Homie Standard
6.499,99 €
Wide Path Camper – Homie XL
7.499,99 €

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245,68 €

  • 200 x 240 cm
  • 2 light-weight carbon fiber tent poles

Luxury Package

652,35 €

  • Lux cushions 8 cm thick with cold foam 50kg/m2
  • Matching design throw pillows
  • Table cloth

Outdoor Package

250,90 €

  • Lightweight table for outdoor cooking
  • 2 light-weight camping chairs

Solar Package

1.655,96 €

  • On full charge our package provides minimum
    12 h usage of fan and light + 2 full charges of mobile phones
  • 50W quality solar cell
  • 13V 20Ah lightweight lithium battery
  • 3 USB ports for charging + 2 mini USB
  • LED light
  • Electric fan for ventilation
  • Power indicator and main power switch
  • Control panel on the wall for light and fan

Enjoy a weekend or holiday getaway, no matter the size of your car. This lightweight andflexible Camper makes it possible for everyone to go camping.

The Wide Path Camper are not only mini RV’s, but a mobile house easily deployed inurban, suburban, and natural spaces. Wide Path Campers are durable, collapsible,lightweight, and surprisingly spacious. The camper’s unique shape and hardshellexterior provide a cozy secure feeling inside and a safe place to store your belongings.

With a Wide Path Camper you can enjoy the freedom of camping wherever you go. Anycar with a towbar are able to take this small caravan anywhere.

The Homie Camper is your own home on wheels. It is lightweight, weighing only 200 kg.

The back of the camper folds over the front, to make it easy to set up. In fact this can bedone in only minutes.

The inside of the camper, offers: sitting area with a table, which can be turned into a bedfor two persons.

There is plenty of storage with up to 300 l of storage under the bed.

Accessories such as sun cover or the solar package makes the Homie Camper evenmore versatile.

  • Lightweight camper, can be towed by micro, small and classic cars
  • Hard-shell camper, with semi-insulating foam
  • Shiny white UV resistant surface
  • Our “easy to use” folding system
  • Fast setup time (3 min) and no tools needed
  • Clear windows in shatter free polycarbonate
  • Sitting area – transformable into a bed
    • With night stand at head end
  • Dining table 50×75 cm inside
  • Bed size 200 x 90 cm
  • Storage space 300 liters
  • Standard cushions 5 cm thick, PU 40 kg/m2.
  • Build-in rail for tent or sun covers
  • Water resistant plywood floor
  • Ventilation slot in the front
  • Nose wheel
  • Weight of camper incl. extras 200 kg
  • Payload 300 kg
  • Total weight 500 kg
  • Cabin sizes
    • Unfolded outside (L 285 x H 145 x W 99 cm)
    • Folded outside (L 149 x H 145 x W 99 cm)
    • Height inside cabin 142 cm -> Comfortable height for sitting
  • Overall sizes
    • Folded (L 250 x H 198 x W 142 cm)
    • Floor-over-ground height 50 cm