Bicycle camper

From 3.999,99 €

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Wide Path Camper – Bicycle – 2.
3.999,99 €
Wide Path Camper – Bicycle – 3 – red
4.299,99 €
Wide Path Camper – Bicycle – 3 – white
3.999,99 €

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245,68 €

  • 200 x 240 cm
  • 2 light-weight carbon fiber tent poles

Luxury Package

652,35 €

  • Lux cushions 8 cm thick with cold foam 50kg/m2
  • Matching design throw pillows
  • Table cloth

Outdoor Package

250,90 €

  • Lightweight table for outdoor cooking
  • 2 light-weight camping chairs

Solar Package

1.655,96 €

  • On full charge our package provides minimum
    12 h usage of fan and light + 2 full charges of mobile phones
  • 50W quality solar cell
  • 13V 20Ah lightweight lithium battery
  • 3 USB ports for charging + 2 mini USB
  • LED light
  • Electric fan for ventilation
  • Power indicator and main power switch
  • Control panel on the wall for light and fan

This mobile tiny “house” offers instant shelter from the weather, a comfortable bed for upto 2 people, and a convertible space for 4 adults to dine-in, relax, and camp in style.

The Wide Path Campers are not only mini RV’s, but a mobile house-party easilydeployed in urban, suburban, and natural spaces. Wide Path Campers are durable,collapsible, lightweight, and surprisingly spacious. The camper’s unique shape andhardshell exterior provide a cozy secure feeling inside and a safe place to store your belongings.

With a Wide Path Camper you can enjoy the freedom of camping wherever you pedal.

The Wide Path Camper is small and lightweight, it is only 1,5 m long during transport.

The back of the camper folds over the front,to make it easy to set up. In fact this can bedone in only 3 minutes.

Comes with an easy to use support wheel.

The inside of the camper, offers: sitting area with a table, which can be turned into a bedfor two persons.

There is plenty of storage with up to 300 l of storage under the bed.

Cooking is possible outside with the extra outdoor package.

  • Hard-shell camper, with semi-insulating foam
  • Shiny white UV resistant surface
  • Our “easy to use” folding system
  • Fast setup time (3 min) and no tools needed
  • Clear windows in shatter free polycarbonate
  • Sitting area – transformable into a bed
  • With night stand at head end
  • Dining table 50×75 cm inside
  • Bed size 200 x 90 cm
  • Storage space 300 liters
  • Standard cushions 5 cm thick, PU 40 kg/m2.
  • Build-in rail for tent or sun covers
  • Water resistant plywood floor
  • Ventilation slot in the front
  • Bed size: 90 x 200 cm
  • Unfolded outside (L 285 x H 175 x W 97 cm)
  • Folded outside (L 149 x H 175 x W 97 cm)
  • Height inside cabin 142 cm -> Comfortable height for sitting
  • Floor-over-ground height 50 cm