How to order - Get a Quote

1) Request a quote

Once you have found your new camper, click ‘Add to quote’ and fill out the billing and shipping information. 

We won’t charge you anything yet but need the information to calculate shipping costs and create a quote. 

2) Receive quotation

When we have received your request and information, we will investigate shipping possibilities and costs, as these vary depending on your location. We strive to expedite this process, but it may take up to 4 weeks. Once we have determined the shipping costs, we will send you a quote by email.

3) Acceptance and production

If you wish to proceed and convert the quote into an order, you will be asked to pay a 30% deposit.

Once the deposit is paid, our dedicated team will start building your new camper. Production time is 2-4 weeks. 

4) Enjoy new adventures

The remaining 70% is due prior to shipment. Once the camper is fully built and payment is complete, we will ship it to you. Please allow 4-5 weeks for shipping.

Upon arrival, the camper will be fully assembled and ready for use. Enjoy!

If you have any doubts before proceeding, you are welcome to contact us – We will be happy to answer your questions

If you have no questions, please proceed to find the campers and optional extra’s below.

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Reservations & Payments

Here is a description of your reservation process.

We will get back to you as soon as possible, with a quote including transport, VAT and taxes.

It will be sent as a proforma invoice with payment details.
If you accept the deal, you can make the payment by bank transfer to the listed bank details on the proforma invoice.

If you will have corrections to anything on the proforma invoice, please let us know.

Note that that proforma invoice is not a final invoice, and you have made no purchase before accepting and completing the payment.

Once payment is done, we will prepare your order.
When your order is ready for shipment, we will send your final invoice, as your proof of purchase.


We will arrange delivery to the designated address of your enquiry. The shipping cost will be included in the proforma invoice we will be sending.

Cancellation policy

Once the full amount is paid, the purchase is done, and cancellation will not be accepted.

If you have further questions, please dont hesitate to contact us at the button below or by phone (+45) 97 74 07 33

Quote list

Here you can see the items you have put in the quote.
Please complete the form to get a quotaion including local taxes and transport.