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In this video we show you how our cozy bicycle camper is set up in this beautiful location at national park Thy in Denmark.

The bicycle camper we make, can be fully set up and ready for shelter in just under 3 minutes.

with Our bicycle camper you have the freedom to go almost anywhere you want, just as you can do with a tent – but you have the comfortable shelter at hand, more like a caravan.

Our bicycle camper gives you the best of both worlds in perfect harmony with our beautiful nature! 

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Ape 50 Camper, Red
12.499,99 €
Delivery 2-4 weeks
Ape 50 Camper, White
12.199,99 €
Delivery 2-4 weeks
Wide Path Camper - Bicycle Camper white
4.299,99 €
På lager hos forhandler, kontakt os for levering
WPC bolt-on kit, Ready to bolt on any base you like, Ape 50 not included
4.999,99 €
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Experience the ultimate freedom with our campers

Imagine being able to go anywhere at any time. Without having to first spend hours, or even days, planning and packing. All you have to do is take the decision to go and explore and you’re off. This is now possible with one of our “Wide Path Camper” bicycle campers. Whether you live in the city and only have a bike for transportation or you have the luxury of owning a car, a simple yet stylish camping life is waiting for you. 

The Wide Path Camper offers you the flexibility, versatility, and not least the opportunity to go explore no matter where you live. It is one of the easiest and most affordable ways of getting started with the camping lifestyle. That’s why we call it the ultimate freedom. 

Below, you can read more about all of our Wide Path Campers.

Bicycle camper

Quiet and comfy! – The Bicycle camper is as easy as it looks!

With our bicycle camper you can easily go and explore the world as far as your legs can pedal. You can make camp in less than three minutes once you find your spot. This is the ultimate freedom and the size of the bicycle camper will allow you to camp in urban areas as well as suburban and natural spaces. The bicycle camper folds in on itself taking the term “micro home” to a whole new level.

The bicycle camper is surprisingly spacious for its size and it will easily accommodate two people spending the night together. The hardshell exterior offers a durable and cozy shelter for the night. Consider the bicycle camper as a mini version of an RV that will ensure you a stylish and comfortable camping experience. It really is the definition of a mini getaway with all the necessities. 

Inside the bicycle camper there is room for up to four people to dine comfortably, relax and camp in style. With the sitting area that turns into a bed for the night, every detail is thought through. 

The bicycle camper is by far the most popular of all of our Wide Path Campers, and with good reason. You won’t need any tools in order to set up the bicycle camper which is part of its easy to use philosophy.

APE camper

Our APE camper provides your travel desires with a wider range. With the APE camper you get all the benefits of our Wide Path Campers’ lifestyle but without having to pedal yourself. The APE camper is specifically built for the iconic Italian Piaggio APE 50 which allows you to explore even more. It has the same layout and folding capabilities of the bicycle camper but instead of being towed, the front end and base of the camper unit can be placed on the Piaggio APE 50’s utility deck.

The APE camper is a tiny mobile home that will accommodate up to four people dining together both inside and outside. If you want to spend the night camping, two people (who really like each other) will be able to sleep comfortably. There is plenty of storage space so you won’t have to worry about things you can’t bring. 

With the wider range that the APE camper offers, you will be able to explore even more. The Piaggio 50 will easily transport you up to 200 km on one full tank, giving you endless possibilities. Besides this it is one of the most affordable ways of starting your camping adventures. 

Homie Camper

The Homie camper is the newest addition to the Wide Path Camper family. Even though it’s not yet approved for public roads, the expectations for the Homie camper as the new craze when it comes to the ultra lightweight camping lifestyle are sky high. It’s the wanderlust and the freedom that the Homie camper represents. With the even longer range of mobility that the Homie camper offers, it’s not only about the destination but about the journey itself. 

With all the benefits from the Wide Path Camper but with the added benefit of being able to attach this mini RV to your mini car, the Homie camper gives you all the necessities for the ultimate camping experience. Get in touch with nature, learn how to cook outside, and be comfortable at the same time. 

The complexity of RV life has been taken out of the equation with the Homie camper. Simply attach it to your car and go. Three minutes after arrival you’re all set up to begin exploring. The cabin measures 149 x 145 x 99 cm when folded and 149 x 285 x 99 cm when unfolded.

Wide Path Camper is a product of the danish company Thomas Møller Pedersen ApS.  All campers are assembled by hand at our facilities in the small Danish town Glyngøre, and all parts are manufactured in coorporation with local suppliers

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